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Joe Theismann

In honor of , which begins its second season tonight, July 29, on MTV, SI.com presents the Top 10 all-time athletes from New Jersey.Nicole Polizzi started going by "Snooki" in high school after a character from . Her connection to Theismann? Theismann changed the pronunciation of his name at Notre Dame to rhyme with "Heisman" when he was in contention for the award.


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Marvin Hagler

The undisputed world middleweight champion from 1980 to 1987, Hagler was raised in Newark but moved to Boston at the age of 13 following the famous Newark Riots. The "Marvelous" one is no stranger to the camera as he has found a second career as an action movie star in Italy.


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Tommy Heinsohn

Like almost every member of cast, Heinsohn has numerous memorable quotables as the Celtics' color commentator. Whether he's giving away "Tommy Points" for hustle or accosting referees for any anti-Boston call, the Jersey City native has made a name for himself behind the mic. He also was quite a player, winning eight titles and earning his way onto six All-Star teams with the Celtics.


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Orel Hershiser

Hershiser, who was born in Buffalo and raised in Cherry Hill, N.J., is a three-time All-Star who holds the MLB record for most consecutive scoreless innings pitched (59 1/3). He also earned the nickname "Bulldog" from former manager Tommy Lasorda, though we don't see this Bulldog fitting in with The Situation and Pauly D.


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Dennis Rodman

If there's one athlete who could fit in with the non-stop partying ways of cast, it's Rodman, who was born in Trenton. Between the end of his playing career in 2000 and early 2006, police were called to his house 70 times because of loud parties.


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Carl Lewis

Lewis hit his athletic prime when most of cast was either in diapers or not yet born, but he does hold the distinction of owning more gold medals (nine) than anyone else from the great state of New Jersey.


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Rick Barry

Aside from being an NBA Finals MVP in 1975, Barry has ties to the shores of both New Jersey and Miami. He's in the Sports Hall of Fame of New Jersey, as well as the University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame.


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Franco Harris

Harris, who was born in Fort Dix, had a large following among Pittsburgh's Italian-American population after a stellar rookie season. His Italian-American fans called themselves "Franco's Italian Army" and wore army helmets with Franco's number.


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Derek Jeter

Jeter is a regular "Situation" ... and then some. His list of past relationships includes Mariah Carey, Jordana Brewster, Vanessa Minnillo and Jessica Biel. The Jersey-born Jeter is currently rumored to be engaged to star Minka Kelly.


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Shaquille O'Neal

Luckily for The Jersey Shore cast, O'Neal was not in Miami during the show's filming earlier this summer. In his time on South Beach with the Heat, O'Neal became a Miami Beach reserve police officer on a $1 per year contract. Shortly after being sworn in, O'Neal helped in the arrest of two suspects he witnessed committing a hate crime.